20th-C Protestants

The 20th century was a busy time. With two world wars and the rise and fall of Communism, it’s a wonder we managed to get anything done.

The Protestants spent their time thinking about liberal Christianity. Should we move past it, asked the neo-orthodox. Should we focus more on social justice, asked the Christian left. They didn’t agree on much, but they knew they didn’t like Schleiermacher.

Protestant Purée

Niebuhr: On the Middle Class Church

We’re shifting this week to H. Richard Niebuhr’s 1929 book The Social Sources of Denominationalism. Niebuhr was an American professor of Christian ethics in the 20th century, and this book deals with – I guess with the sociology of religion.…

Niebuhr: The Responsible Self

Here’s a cool idea. We’re dealing in 2023 with 20th century Protestant writers, and we’re starting – we’ve started – with H. Richard Niebuhr, an American professor of Christian ethics. We looked through the latter half of 2022 at Niebuhr’s…

Ellul: Serving God and the World

Most of the Christians I went through college with trained as doctors, lawyers, or teachers – all very practical roles where they could contribute to the public good in a tangible, visible way. That’s something they felt compelled by. They…