Hey! I’m James Tregonning, and I suppose I’m responsible for this mess. Don’t tell the others.

What’s all this then?

Yeah so look I have two very specific interests and I’m not maintaining two websites.

Video games?

I studied literature at university, and I play a bunch of games, and now I’m here talking about how game narratives are constructed.


I grew up in a Christian home, and now I’m on a quest to learn as much as possible about different denominations and traditions. The focus here is on curiosity and cultural understanding – everything’s accessible regardless of your faith or beliefs.

At the same time?

No: alternating weeks. Just like God intended.

Do you make your own games?

Yeah, sort of. I have a project over at Death is a Whale on itch.io – visual novels, interactive fiction, so on. Mostly five-minute pieces. They often draw on religious material or ideas, so it’s sort of like a retroactive justification for the stuff I’m doing here.

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