Theology Index


Authors that I’ve written on are listed here as an introduction to the index below. The index itself is alphabetical by article title, ignoring articles or small terms like ‘on’, and first names (that is, Hannah Arendt is under ‘A’, not ‘H’).

Religious Authors

Matthew ArnoldThomas AquinasAugustine of HippoBasil the Great
BonaventureJohn CalvinDesert FathersMeister Eckhart
Hildegard of BingenWilliam JamesJulian of NorwichSoren Kierkegaard
John LockeMartin LutherJacques MaritainF.D Maurice
Maximus the ConfessorJohn OwenPsalmsPseudo-Dionysius
Richard RohrFriedrich SchleiermacherCharles TaylorVatican documents

Non-religious authors

Hannah ArendtEdward GlaeserMontaignePhilipp Schonthaler
George SteinerShoshana Zuboff



A.N. Wilson: Jesus in HistoryHannah Arendt: Authority, Church, and GodHannah Arendt: Darwin and the Fascists
Arendt: Death Camps and the Shapeless StateHannah Arendt: Eichmann in JerusalemArendt: Hobbes, Capitalism, Nazis
Hannah Arendt: Imperialism, Day OneArendt: Is Christianity Totalising?Arendt: The Origins of Totalitarianism
Arendt: Parties, States, and the Lesser Evil CampaignHannah Arendt: The Solution to ConscienceArendt: State and Nation
The Argument a FrontierArguing with Christians: Belief and OpinionMatthew Arnold: Culture and Perfection
Authority: Feminism & the Church

>> Thomas Aquinas

Aquinas on SexAquinas On Women (uh-oh)Aquinas: Apologetics
Aquinas: Being and BecomingAquinas: Can Angels Make Mistakes?Aquinas: Can God Wreck Shit?
Aquinas: Can the Angels Sin?Aquinas: Connecting Body and SoulAquinas: Did Adam Poop?
Aquinas: Do Angels Have Free Will?Aquinas: Do Angels Know God?Aquinas: Do Angels Know Material Things?
Aquinas: Do We Have To?Aquinas: Does God Mind-Control You?Aquinas: Free Will, Again
Aquinas: God and TimeAquinas: God’s CreationAquinas: God’s Omnipotence
Aquinas: Is God Hot?Aquinas: Made In His ImageAquinas: Nature, Grace, and Glory
Aquinas: On Creation; General UpdateAquinas: On Human DominionAquinas: On Miracles
Aquinas: PredestinationAquinas: Predestination and Free WillAquinas: Predestination and Merit
Aquinas: The Final CauseAquinas: The Nature of EvilAquinas: The Spirit’s Mission
Aquinas: Theories of KnowledgeAquinas: Virtue and PerfectionAquinas: Was Eden Real?
Aquinas: What’s a Soul?Aquinas: Words for GodReviewing Aquinas
Sometimes Aquinas is Weird

>> Augustine of Hippo

Art, Sex, and AugustineAugustine & Free Will (y)Augustine and Corporate Peace (as in social, not)
Augustine and Evil (knievel)Augustine and Suffering (sounds cheery)Augustine and the Vitruvian Man (renaissance jump-jam)
Augustine, Pain, and Hellfire (bash them bibles)Augustine, Suicide, and the Suffering of the RighteousAugustine: About Time
Augustine: Allegory in Genesis 1 Augustine: Beggars in the City of GodAugustine: De Doctrina Christiana, Book 1
Augustine: De Doctrina Christiana, Book 2Augustine: De Doctrina Christiana, Book 3Augustine: De Doctrina Christiana, Book 4
Augustine’s Archetypes (still cleaning up after joey c)Massed PlatatoPlatonism for the Masses (except not quite)

B – F

Basil the Great: Eat the RichBonaventure: Humility and HagiographyBlondel: History and Dogma
On Change
Charles Taylor: Defending ToleranceOn Christian Music Can We Confess Over Zoom?
Christian Thought in the AcademyChristianity and Literature: This Book is Full of AssholesChristianity in Public (holy ship!)
ContraPoints and AquinasDesert Fathers: Monks Telling LiesDesert Fathers: On Solitude
Desert Fathers: On WomenThe Difference of DifferenceDusty Academic Bullshit
Meister Eckhart: Request or Receive?F.D. Maurice: Books, Words, Friends, GodFuck: The Musical
Gays, Christians, and DemocracyGlaeser: Cities and the InternetGlaeser: Eco-Cities
Glaeser: The Great Knowledge DestroyerGlaeser: Paris, Now and ThenHildegard of Bingen: On Mystic Visions
Identity Politics: A Field ReportIt Is Happening Again?Julian of Norwich: In and Out of Space
Kierkegaard: Abraham Did What?Kierkegaard: Faith and EthicsKierkegaard: Living Theology

>> Calvin

Calvin on Cancel CultureCalvin: Conscientious ObjectionsCalvin: David Prays Wrong
Calvin: DisciplineCalvin: FastingCalvin: On Government
Calvin: Predestination and the Holy SpiritCalvin: RighteousnessCalvin: Who Run the Church?

>> Adolf von Harnack

Adolf von Harnack: How Do You Read the Bible?Harnack: The Gospel of JohnHarnack: Jesus and Economics
Harnack: Protestants vs CatholicsHarnack: Was Jesus God?Harnack: Faith vs Doctrine

>> William james

William James: Happy / Sad ReligionWilliam James: MortificationWilliam James: Religion and Neurology
William James: Spiritual But Not Religious

L – P

Lamentabili Sane: 65 Banned BeliefsOn Las VegasLocke: Burn Bad Christians
Locke: On Religious ToleranceLoisy: Faith Changes
Maggie Mae Fish and FireproofMaritain: Christianity, Democracy, and Free Speech Maritain: Gay Marriage in Australasia
Jacques Maritain: On Human Rights The Middle GroundOutreach? Here?
PISA, Literacy, Weird FishPope Benedict XVI Vs YogaThe Problem of Goodness

>> Luther

Martin Luther, 16th Century YoutuberLuther: By Faith AloneLuther: Destroy the World for Truth
Luther: Free Will Doesn’t ExistLuther: Justice For Your NeighbourLuther: Obey Secular Rulers
Luther: On MarriageLuther: Poor Biblical InterpretationLuther: Scripture is Clear
Luther: The Church Is Not The ChurchLuther: The Purpose of the RodLuther: Warning, Contains Math
Luther: Wine’s FineLuther: You’re a Priest and So Am I

>>Maximus the Confessor

Maximus: The Passive SabbathMaximus: The SingularityMaximus: The Sixth and Seventh Days
Maximus: The Use of DeathMaximus the Confessor: Wax and ClayMaximus: When God Tried to Murder Moses

>> John Owen

John Owen: Hate YourselfJohn Owen: How Faith WorksJohn Owen: Ignorance, Bliss
John Owen: Planning To Be HumanJohn Owen: The Sexy Bride of ChristJohn Owen: Updating Mortification

>> Psalms

Psalm 4: ComparisonsPsalm 13Psalm 21
Psalm 21(b): Christian ApologeticsPsalm 28Psalm 29
Psalm 43Psalm 46Psalm 53

>> Pseudo-Dionysius

Pseudo-Dionysus: Appropriate KnowledgePseudo-Dionysius: Church AuthorityPseudo-Dionysus: Hierarchy and Perfection
Pseudo-Dionysus: Knowing God?Pseudo-Dionysus: Prayer and the UnchangingPseudo-Dionysus: The Cloud of Unknowing
Pseudo-Dionysus: The Self-Giving God

Q – S

Queer Eye and ChristianityReading the Bible: Interpretive CulturesRichard Rohr: On Criticism
Saving Saving Christmas from Kirk Cameron’s Saving ChristmasSchonthaler: How to Sell an AuthorSchonthaler: Numbers and Stories
Schonthaler: Writing, ManagingThe ShackrificeShame and Guilt: Biblical Culture-Hopping
Speaking, Listening, and Racial JusticeSocial Values and PunishmentStoicism, Sadness, and having Stuff
The Structure of Apologetics Studying (Human) ReligionSwearing: A Political Argument
Steiner: The Web of Allusion

>> Schleiermacher

Schleiermacher: Is Christianity Rational?Schleiermacher: On Judaism Schleiermacher: The Protestant Tradition
Schleiermacher: Religion is a VibeSchleiermacher: Which Religion is True?Schleiermacher: What’s a Miracle?
Schleiermacher: God and the MultiverseSchleiermacher: Sin is CommunalSchleiermacher: What Does the Bible Mean?

T – Z

On TwitterUgh, We Have to Talk About The ShackWho Are the Bad Guys?
Year One: Reflecting on PracticeZuboff: No Provider Shall Be Treated