Video Game Genres – Misc

This is all the otherwise hard-to-categorize stuff. A couple books, Pan’s Labyrinth, some general theory that’s not specific to any particular text – oh, and the video game manifestos, they’re worth a read.

Plug & Play: On Juxtaposition

This past week I’ve been reading Richard McGuire’s Here. It’s a 2014 comic about all the different events that happen in this one specific room throughout history. And it kinda intersperses different scenes, such that a moment from 1912 might have an overlay from 1970, taking these events from across time and putting them next […]

Why Star Trek is Bad

This is a hate piece about J.J. Abrams’ 2009 film Star Trek. It isn’t strictly necessary – there are much more recent things to complain about in Abrams’ oeuvre, and we’ve already played the drinking games where you take a shot every time there’s a lens flare. And yet in watching it again recently, I […]

Into the Spider-verse: Family and Loss

The 2018 animated film Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse is a film about loss, and how we deal with it. Loss is obviously a major component of just about any text – there are always setbacks and failures as part of the broader arc towards a given goal – and it’s even arguably part of the […]

Spot Fires

When I was in university, I tutored at an after-school place. The lady who ran the joint taught both math and English, and her descriptions of those disciplines were very different. Teaching math had clear, demonstrable outcomes. When you taught kids to add, they could add. When you taught kids to multiply, they could multiply. […]

On Attention Span

How’s your attention span? Shorter than it should be? It’s easy to find hot takes on the supposed attention deficit in our current culture – it’s the internet, it’s kids not reading enough, it’s notifications on your phone always pulling you away from the things you’re focusing on. Often these complaints are driven by people […]

On Maps and Forgetting

Here’s a weird little quirk of running a blog – some of you will already know this, but let’s walk it through. There are two main pathways for people coming to read your stuff. Either they already follow you, or they googled a topic that you talk about and you turned up in the search […]


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