Video Game Genres – Misc

This is all the otherwise hard-to-categorize stuff. A couple books, Pan’s Labyrinth, some general theory that’s not specific to any particular text – oh, and the video game manifestos, they’re worth a read.

On Attention Span

How’s your attention span? Shorter than it should be? It’s easy to find hot takes on the supposed attention deficit in our current culture – it’s the internet, it’s kids not reading enough, it’s notifications on your phone always pulling you away from the things you’re focusing on. Often these complaints are driven by people […]

On Maps and Forgetting

Here’s a weird little quirk of running a blog – some of you will already know this, but let’s walk it through. There are two main pathways for people coming to read your stuff. Either they already follow you, or they googled a topic that you talk about and you turned up in the search […]

On Video Game Manifestos

If we’re talking about manifestos in a very broad sense, as a statement of a group’s goals or agenda or worldview, then they can be found throughout history as far back as you care to look. It’s often associated with political statements – as in, for instance, the Communist Manifesto. In the art world, manifestos […]

Stacks: High and Low Art

One of the differences between studying literature and studying digital fiction is that in the latter, all these irregular little machines start popping up. They aren’t stories or narratives in any traditional way – they’re more like toys, or gimmicks. You could put them in a gallery and call them exhibits, pieces of art – […]

Video Essays, Video Games

What’s the best way to talk about video games? There’s something pleasant about the video format – it allows you to offer quotations, direct gameplay clips, which demonstrate the flow of the game and maybe make your point in a more emphatic way. They allow you to comment on the complete experience, on the total […]

How Many Players Actually Finish Games?

This isn’t something I’ve really done before, but I was nosing through the Steam achievements for some different games – I wanted to find out whether the completion stats for Wolfenstein: Youngblood were unusual or not. I ended up on a bit of a data spiral, and – well, I found some interesting things. I’ll […]


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