Video Game Genres – Platformers

Honestly, I hate platformers. I’ve made my way through a few titles – like Rogue Legacy, Hollow Knight, and the Mirror’s Edge games (which, yes, I am counting as platformers) – but this section will never get very long.

Vision Soft Reset: Time and Reality

Back in 2016 I wrote about this specific little detail in a game called Kingdom, a side-scrolling strategy game where you try to build up and sustain an empire in the face of the inevitable ravages of time. In this game, you pay for upgrades and tools and so on with coins, and there’s this […]

Rogue Legacy: The Things We Leave Behind

You know, this wasn’t intentional, but I’ve been playing over a lot of old games recently. Stuff I’ve played before, stuff I’ve written about. I don’t know if it’s a feature of moving into this new phase for the blog, but I’ve ended up back in the early 2010s, when roguelikes broke into the mainstream. […]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Getting Good

When should you be good at a game? There are a few different traditional kinda arcs here, right. You’ve got games where you expect to be pleasantly challenged but never overwhelmed the whole way through. These are your typical power fantasy games: they’re about making you feel empowered without requiring anything super strenuous. It’s Call […]

Downward: A Review

I’ve talked before about how I don’t do reviews. Well, today we’re breaking that rule. I don’t have a general point to draw out of Downward, but it’s such a great game that I wanted to talk about it. Great graphics, great level design – at least in terms of the visuals – and awful, awful […]

Hollow Knight: Video Game Genre

I started playing Hollow Knight (2017) with the mistaken belief that it had come out in 2016, around the same time as Hyper Light Drifter. Actually – the story gets worse – I bought Hollow Knight because I’d actually confused it with Dead Cells, which I also thought came out in 2016 alongside HLD. Turns out Hollow Knight and Dead Cells came out at the same […]

FEZ: Engaging Higher Dimensions

This week, I thought we’d add to the long list of games that came out ages ago that I’m only just writing about now by talking about FEZ. I have played it before, but I came back to it today and started again from the start. FEZ is a wonderful 2D platformer that – well, it […]


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