Video Game Genres – Shooter

Bang bang die trash haha that’s what shooters are about. Featuring major franchises like Halo, Call of Duty, and Borderlands, as well as some stuff that’s actually good haha zing

Looking for the Wolfenstein games? By rights they should be in here, but they’re taking up too much room – they’ve been moved to their own page.

Borderlands 3: Regarding Female Psychos

In a daring change of pace, I’m playing Borderlands 3 again. I have a Steam copy now, which means we can finally have some pictures from the actual game. That makes it a great time to talk about one of the really minor little details of how the game presents its characters. One of the […]

Borderlands 3: On Family

Borderlands 3 is a game that’s attracted a lot of controversy – for a bunch of different reasons. There was controversy when the CEO of Gearbox, the game’s developer, had a fight on Twitter with voice actors from the previous games. There was controversy over the game’s status as an exclusive to the Epic storefront. […]

Borderlands 3: On Religion

So we watched Midnight Mass recently – it’s the new Netflix series from Mike Flanagan, who made Haunting of Hill House and Haunting of Bly Manor. It’s really good. It’s another step forward for him as a director – he’s clearly becoming more sophisticated and refining his depiction of place and these really striking, searching […]

Borderlands: On Madness and Stories

After writing that thing last week about Flotsam, and how it takes some inspiration from Borderlands, I had to go back and reinstall Borderlands and start playing it again. I feel like I haven’t played many shooters in a while – I guess Control and Ghost Recon back in April / May, but – yeah, […]

Wolfenstein Youngblood: On Environmental Design

One of the real tensions with video games is that all this effort goes into creating environments that people tear through in about thirty seconds. There’s a desire for artistry and a really closely observed sense of place, and then there’s the fast-paced thumping violence – and they just don’t work that well together. Over […]

Control: Metafiction and Meta-Setting

The 2019 game Control, from Remedy Entertainment, seems at first glance like it might be a meta-reflection on the medium of video games. Its main character, Jesse, speaks to an invisible entity who never talks back. She addresses a silent ‘You’, with dialogue that could easily be read as addressing the player. For instance, she […]


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