Game Launch: The Letter

It’s been a minute, but I’m proud to announce my new game. The Letter is a text-based narrative where you experience the story by typing it out yourself. It requires a keyboard, and a delicate touch.

I said last year when I released Silas Silvanus that I wanted to focus on more visual games in 2021, but – well, it hasn’t happened. The pandemic has obviously continued, and I’ve started a new job, which has been pretty intensive. I managed to release The Flower Show in February – that was the direction I was meaning to go in this year, but – yeah, haven’t been able to continue in that vein. That’s okay though. The Letter presented itself as an in-between project – text-based, but experimental enough in form to be interesting. There are some fun little visual elements involved too – things like camera movement, things I haven’t done before – nothing enormously complicated, but a chance to learn on the job. I’m pretty proud of it. You can play it here, or via my main page, which has all the other Psalms. Otherwise – welcome to September, I guess. Welcome to spring, welcome to autumn. Welcome to whatever’s next.

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